Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Breaking News: Beko fridge freezers in fire risk claims

According to the London Fire Brigade, Beko fridge freezers have been the cause of 20 fires in the capital, which have caused injury and one death, since 2008.
The incidents have been attributed to the defrost timer on a specific production range of Beko frost-free refrigeration which can fail and overheat, which leads to plastic components and insulation catching fire.

Fire chiefs are urging people to check if they own the particular models of Beko fridge freezers, which were manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006. 

 According to the London Fire Brigade investigation team, it has been working with the manufacturer to establish the link between the faulty timer switch and a number of house fires.

The Brigade alerted Beko to the problem in June 2010 and the manufacturer is trying to locate the products, offering a free of charge service for the fault to be corrected.

London Fire Brigade's assistant commissioner for fire safety regulation, Steve Turek said: "Expert fire investigators have had to work for a long time to confidently establish these faulty fridge freezers as the cause of a number of serious fires. Having established this link, we have worked closely with Beko to ensure the public is kept safe."
A safety notice issued by Beko read: “Quality and customer safety and satisfaction is paramount to Beko; all it products are independently tested before being placed on the market and meet all UK and European safety standards. The number of incidents to which these products have been potentially linked is extremely small, nevertheless, as a responsible manufacturer we have decided to proactively contact the owners of these fridge freezers as we wish to make a free in-home modification to remove any potential risk with this component.”

LEC has also issued a Product Safety warning for a frost free refrigeration model, where the defrost timer can fail and overheat.

The model affected is the LEC TF2304W in white and was manufactured between January 2004 and October 2006.

Manufacturer of LEC appliances, GDHA is carrying out a free of charge modification to the defrost timer.

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