Monday, 18 April 2011

Director of Utopia retires: "It's been a journey"

At its Spring collection launch, CEO of Utopia Bathroom Group Simon Russell announced the retirement of customer service director, Liz Green from her full-time role at the end of June.
She started with the company as a sales rep, then became sales manager and was promoted to sales director.
During her 21 years with the company, Green built up a network of sales agents but in what was described as ‘probably one of the most difficult changes of the business’ managed the transition of closing the agencies, moving to full-time sales staff.
Simon Russell said: “After 20 years of being with the business Liz has decided to retire but not entirely from the business. She will remain a shareholder and run our training but will retire from day-to-day operations from the end of June. Liz has been synonymous with the growth of Utopia, from its early days, and what you can see today is Liz’s legacy.”
Liz Green commented: “It’s been a great 21 years and in the time-honoured tradition of X-Factor, I want to say it’s been a journey. There’s one thing that I’ve learned is that business is about people and I am happy to say the business is in the best possible hands and I’m sure it’s going to go from strength to strength”.

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