Tuesday, 1 March 2011

AEG reveals Neue Kollektion

Country Head, Ian Banes

German appliance brand AEG revealed its Neue Kollektion of appliances and dropped the dual branding with its parent company Electrolux at The Waldorf Hotel in London. Country Head, Ian Banes explained the company's decision to remove the dual branding: "We see the market polarising between mass and premium across the world. AEG is targeting the premium end."
In the first renovation of the AEG range for around seven years, the company undertook 18 months of research to develop the Neue Kollektion, which spans cooking, cooling, laundry and dishwashing appliances. Ian Banes commented: "I think as an industry, every five or six years, you really have to regenerate your product.I think if you look at AEG, we had left it a little bit too long. I think it was time we upgraded the products and I'm really glad we did."
Among the Neue Kollektion cooking appliance line-up was the Procombi steam oven with three steaming functions and 'zoneless' induction hobs. Dishcare saw the introduction of a larger cavity for 340mm plates and a top-of-the range model which projected the programme timer onto the floor in a light beam, so users could see how long it had to run. Laundry features were focused on optimisation of energy, water and detergent use, with A-50% washing machines and tumble dryers. While among the refrigeration appliances were 600mm depth models to sit flush with kitchen furniture. 
Ian Banes said of the renovated AEG collection: "The stand outs products for me are the steam oven and the induction...But I think the overall thing that stands out for me is the design. The level of detail that our design teams have gone to get stainless steel control knobs brushed left to right and the panels on the washing machines to match the fridges is a phenomenal passion for the product."
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