Friday, 18 February 2011

Top 5 tips for retailing

Queen of Shops Mary Portas has teamed up with the National Skills Academy for Retail to develop a series of masterclasses for independent retailers. Developed in conjunction with the guru,herself, we glean 5 top tips from the courses to run a successful bathroom/kitchen retailing business...

  • Be objective and be honest with yourself. Rate yourself from the shopper's perspective. Is this a place you are happy to be in? Could you improve the customer experience in any way?
  • Make service king. Competing on price with value chains is an impossibility, so focus on incredible customer service instead. It will have a far bigger impact on attracting and keeping customers.
  • Create and promote your brand through window displays. Use them to grab atention, not just profile your best-sellers.
  • Be attentive and flexible. You are free from bureaucracy of bigger chains, so if someone spends lots of money with you, don't charge them extra for fitting or delivery.
  • Careless talk costs sales. Shoppers are most clued-up than ever before so your staff need to be every bit as informed. Make sure they are product specialists.

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