Friday, 19 November 2010

Celebrate World Toilet Day

Bogs are big news! World Toilet Day, created by the World Toilet Organisation, is taking place on February 19 and has become a global trending topic on Twitter.
The day has an important significance, having been created to raise awareness for 2.6million people who don’t have access to toilets and celebrate sanitation.
A number of events are taking place around the world, to highlight World Toilet Day.
In the UK, York University International Development Society has organised a 24-hour Toilet Sit, with 12 participants taking turns to be tied to a toilet at the centre of its campus for two hours each.
While, in Co.Roscommon in Ireland, staff members from hygiene and cleansing company Service Matters are taking part in a Big Squat for World Toilet Day.
The Big Squat encourages particants to take the position of squatting for one minute in a visible location, then to hand out flyers explaining why.
Domestos has also created an interactive website, flushtracker, which allows you to track the water you’ve flushed away.

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