Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bathrooms more important than bedrooms

The bathroom should be a private, personal retreat
with its architecture rooted in nature
According to recent research, commissioned by Kaldewei, the bathroom is more important as a private retreat than the bedroom.
The study “Paradigm change in the bathroom as an answer to changes in society” revealed future bathroom designs will be personalised, private havens rather than open-plan schemes.
It dismisses previous design theories that suggest the bathroom and bedroom, will follow the lead of the kitchen and lounge, and join to create one living space.
Conducted by the Cologne Rheingold Institute, with consumers looking to buy a bathroom, the survey revealed bathrooms will continue to focus on wellness.
It also further suggested that to create the haven, functional items such as the WC will be removed from the bathroom scheme.
The study further highlighted that consumers expect their bathroom to be personalised, with increased technology and a return to nature with organic shapes and material use.
However, the research signalled that consumers did not want obtrusive technology and that they did not approve of phones, emails, or ‘smart’ technology that automatically makes choices for them.
It is the fourth psychological study on bathing and bathrooms which has been commissioned by Kaldewei.
These include looking at the difference between bathing and showering, bathing for two and the older generation.
Kaldewei plans to publish a book with the findings of each of the individual studies.

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