Friday, 19 April 2013

Pop-up studio opening for Keramag Design

Luxury bathroom brand Keramag Design has opened a pop-up studio at Chelsea Harbour, London, to showcase its products to retailers, interior designers and prestigious house builders.
Open for six-months, although on a rolling contract, the studio features its four designer collections Citterio (shown), Preciosa II, Myday and Silk.

The pop-up studio has been designed so it can be transported to other locations, with plans to move it outside London at the end of the year or beginning of next year.

Firstly, Keramag Design is looking to establish a UK network of retailers, with a target of 60 by the end of the year, and 120 in total. Ideally, the company would like to attract retailers which also work in the small contract market and will give an area to Keramag Design. This area can then be designed and fitted out by a team from the company.
Retail national sales manager of Keramag Design, Lynn Dale continued: “Because there are only four series in the range, what we are looking for is for them to take a spread of each of the four ranges.” stating “in an ideal world”, Keramag Design would like for retailers to group the product together, and stated “that’s what we’re finding more people want to do”.

She believed the more retailers who visit the pop-up studio; the more likely they would be inspired to do a similar design.  
However, managing director of Keramag Design John Blackburn pointed out: “We don’t want to go into the market arrogant. It’s not the way I do business, so therefore I wouldn’t send the values into the brand into that way. We have a standard but we also want to have some flexibility.”

Keramag Design is already a third of its way towards its number of targeted retailers for this year. Lynn Dale said: “We have been out in the marketplace for four months now actively selling into showrooms. We’ve already got 19 showrooms and we have another 20 prospects. So, in a short space of time, we’ve actually achieved quite a lot.”
The brand is dealing through national distributor Robert Lee, regional distributor for the North of England and Scotland City Distribution and is seeking a regional distributor for the South.

Lynn Dale added: “They both have got stock on the shelves, so they can currently supply a next-day delivery, if needed. On the Keramag Design product, it is a three week lead-time and that is what we will always tell our customers. So that can be passed onto the consumer just in case, for whatever reason, stock isn’t on the shelf.”

But stock is being carried and Dale continued: “At the moment there’s quite a few pieces going out for displays but, equally now, we are stocking to get the pull-through from the showrooms that are live.”
And the aim, as John Blackburn, stated is for the company to be “number one or two brand in the luxury brand sector.” And he stated the brand would be looking to take market share to reach this position.

However he added: “The prediction in 2014, 2015 and 2016 is going to grow. For 2015-2016, the prediction is 4-5% [growth]. That’s why we think the timing [of the launch] is right because we believe we are now at the bottom, so we are only going to be in a position of growth.”

To visit the appointment-only, pop-up showroom, email Lynn Dale.



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