Thursday, 8 September 2011

Electrolux Design Lab names winner

Electrolux named the winner of its Design Lab contest as Adrian Mankovecky from Slovakia who carried away the title for his Portable Spot Cleaner, at Room Home Intelligence at the Business Design Centre in London. His design concept was a small cleaner that refreshes clothing and removed stains with steam and ions.
He beat a field of 1,300 industrial design students throughout the world who were asked to consider the theme of ‘intelligent mobility’. The entrants were invited to create home appliance ideas for how people prepare food, clean and do dishes both within and beyond the home. It demanded the appliances should be more potable and provide flexible control to liberate people from being in the home. The brief also requested that the ideas offer personalisation and inspire users, while using technology to offer support and guidance.

The jury, which included Danish design Cecilie Manz, award-winning architects Hayes and James Slade and Henrik Otto, senior vice president of global design at Electrolux, was impressed with Mankovecky’s thinking.
The reason for naming Adrian Mankovecky the winner was given as : “The Portable Spot Cleaner is built on a very solid consumer insight and it is highly relevant. It is an instant laundry device that has a positive impact on the environment by reducing consumption. Its usage and interaction are very intuitive. We all want one.”
Senior vice president of global design at Electrolux Henrik Otto added that he personally liked how the Portable Spot Cleaner is similar to the Ergorapido being “a fresh new way of tackling a clothing care problem on the go, and with consideration for sensitive materials.”
Adrian Mankovecky wins a 5,000 Euros and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre.  The second prize was presented to Enzo Kocak from Monash University in Melbourne Australian for the Ribbon, a flexible thermos and third prize was presented to Roseanne de Bruin from Massey University in New Zealand for the Smoobo blender.
The People’s Choice award, voted online, was presented to Matthew Schwartz for his Onda Portable Microwave.

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