Wednesday, 8 June 2011

BrIT Girl: In a spin

Editorial assistant,
Britta O'Boyle

Rookie reporter and clothes queen of K&B News, Britta O’Boyle has a newfound love for laundry

The word cool always has been one of my favourite words. Not because it has seven definitions in the dictionary, which in itself is pretty impressive, but more because it’s a word that can be used in so many situations. You can describe the weather (well depending on what it is), describe self-control, use it to say OK, or it could even be used to describe some appliances. Before I joined the kbb industry, I thought a washing machine was simply a machine that transformed dirty clothes into clean clothes. Genius, if you actually think about it. But now, the industry has shown me it is so much more than that. Quite frankly, some appliance technology would put Albert Einstein to shame! Having recently attended the LG home appliances 2011 launch, I think it is safe to say I am much more interested in a washing machine that cleans my clothes according to fabric type than the theory of relativity. Although I probably shouldn’t tell my physicist father that!

Latest laundry from LG

LG has introduced its Six Motion Direct Drive technology which allows the drum to turn in both directions. The technology enables the new machines to have multiple settings based on which fabrics you are washing and what care is required. Not only that, but the 2011 machines feature LG’s Smart Diagnosis technology which enables the user to solve any problem over the phone. When the Smart Diagnosis button is pushed, a series of tones are released to let the technician identify what the problem is. Surely it doesn’t get much simpler than that? Only problem is, it doesn’t leave much scope for excuses to get out of doing the laundry!
The company also announced that it will be launching a washing machine which will be available in the Autumn. The machine will have a 12kg capacity, perfect for a girl like me who can’t get enough of buying clothes. It will still fit into a standard 600mm outer case and features TrueSteam technology, as well as a A+++ energy rating.
 I would never have thought that a washing machine drum in action would be the highlight of my day over a hand massage, both of which I experienced at the LG launch. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t turn down hand massage in a hurry. But I’m now a techie convert and appliances, these days, are in one perfect word, cool.
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